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A Holiday Guide to Toy Eye Safety

Holiday season is almost here and that means gifts and new toys. Adoring relatives enjoy surprising the little ones with the ''in'' toys for the holiday season.
It is crucial that parents explain to relatives some restrictions when it comes to safe and age appropriate toys. Injuries involving toys and games may occur, occasionally resulting in damaged vision.

How can parents prevent toy related injury?

  1. Remember, developmentally appropriate toys only! Do not allow little children to handle toys meant for older brothers or sisters.

  2. Look for a toy that is well made and look for any rough corners. Make sure long-handled toys such as swords or brooms are smooth on the end.

  3. Be careful not to let small kids play unsupervised.

  4. Promote eye safety awareness by discarding any toys or games with sharp edges or projectiles, such as BB guns.

Before you buy the game that your kids have been itching for, take a minute to look over eye safety tips for toys and games. The holidays are a great time for creating special moments with your family members, not the emergency room doctor. Happy Holidays.